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Where I Get My Design Inspiration From

Where I Get My Design Inspiration | The First Step Of My Design Process | Amanda Majorsky Design

The inspiration for my design work comes from many different outlets. I wanted to give you a behind the scenes of what inspires me when I am designing. It’s really all about the process and for me finding inspiration is the first and most important step in my design process. All of the following outlets help me get a running start before diving into the initial design.

My Own Personal Style

I would describe my design style as bold, simplistic, modern. In my personal brand contrasts darks and lights. This comes into play when I am designing, I tend to stick to my style with a little variation depending on the brand I’m designing for. This always adds a more personal touch to each brand I create with also showcasing my design style.

Design Trends

I always find myself in awe over the latest trends in the design world! Whether it’s a new style of icons to parallax websites (a style I’ve been dabbling in lately!). I get so much inspiration from seeing was is new and exciting! I try to implement these trends when I’m designing to keep my designs fresh!

Social Media (Pinterest!)

Every time before a begin a design I am scrolling through Pinterest to find inspiration! Its one of my favorite things to do! I have over 1000 pins of designs that inspire me and pin new ones on a weekly basis. Instagram is also another platform I find inspiration from, my feed is filled with design!

Where I Get My Design Inspiration | The First Step Of My Design Process | Amanda Majorsky Design

Other Designers

I can’t even begin to tell you how inspired I get from other designers. I literally get starstruck by their design work. I few fellow designers that I love are Sara from Salted Ink, Angela from Saffron Avenue, Jamie from SpruceRd, and Meg from Meg Summerfield Studio. Although their design styles are very different from mine, I get the best inspiration from other designers by just seeing different outlooks on design.


Not only do I get inspired by the patterns & the beauty of nature itself but just being out in nature also inspires me. When I am thinking about a new design, it is always good for me to turn to nature as a refresh to get my creative juices flowing again!

Each of these ways helps me gain inspiration every time I begin a new design. I would love to know what inspires you! Let me know where you draw your inspiration from. Share with me in the comments below!



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