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    My Creative Journey | How I Began Designing

    My Creative Journey | How I began designing

    I fell into design by accident…

    When I was in middle school, all the “cool kids” were creating their own websites. Of course, I wanted in on the fad too! So I decided to create my own site just for fun. At the time I knew nothing about graphic/web design.

    Little did I know how it would impact my life or that I would end up pursuing a creative field.

    From creating my first website, I taught myself how to design digitally and develop my own websites with code. It AMAZED me how it all worked and I just wanted to learn more, every day I would come home from school and go straight to my PC to work on my website! It became my favorite thing to do.

    My website consisted of graphics I created using paint shop pro, similar to the Adobe program of Photoshop. From there I kept growing my skills and expanding my own website. From middle school through high school, I created 6 different websites in total. I don’t know how I did it back then!

    As I grew, I discovered that I ABSOULETY loved designing! I always wanted to learn more and improve my skills and create new graphics. I never thought how a little website I made because it was “cool” at the time could turn into a lifelong passion!

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    Starting A Blog | Sharing My Ideas

    Why start a blog?

    There are many reasons why I wanted to start a blog. The main reason is to share my thoughts and ideas on different areas I am passionate about. This blog will mainly be where I share my latest design work and provide resources and tips to help market your business. I also want this blog to be a place where I can share, my thoughts, ideas, and get on a more personal level with my readers and visitors.

    *Please note, some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!

    Another reason I wanted to start blogging is I really enjoy writing, it is definitely one of my stronger suits.

    My passion for writing began when I was in high school, I took a class where I wrote articles for my school magazine. I actually took the class because I wanted to design layouts for the magazine although I ended up writing articles instead.

    What I loved about the class is we got to come up with the topics and ideas for each issue ourselves. This really sparked my creativity because I became enthralled about what I was writing and felt connected to each topic. This experience definitely made me a stronger writer.

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